dog friendly house

How to have a good dog friendly house for your pet?

Life with pets can be very easy with a dog friendly house. They drool to the furniture, spit up hairballs on the bed and also have “injuries” over the carpeting. Many pet fans agree that dealing with those problems is well worth the affection that they receive in return. And yet, it could be nice if life with pets was only a little less messy.

Recent trends in house plan for dog lovers for with fresh home decoration products are making it easier than ever before to decorate a home which is both fashionable as well as pet friendly. “Fashion-forward” thoughts — from the pared-down appearance to slipcovers and floor pillows — work perfectly to your own household which includes dogs and cats. A best house plan with dog room can give your pet extra space to grow and thrive.

A dog friendly house for better dog health

When decorating for life with pets, then the utmost truly effective strategy is to work with substances that are sturdy and simple to clean.

Bare floors are the best option for your home with pets, say the experts, that recommend replacing wall-to-wall carpeting with wood, tile or stone. Unlike carpeting — that seals pet hair, stains and odors — bare floors are not difficult to keep clean and will not be permanently damaged if a pet “accident” is not washed up right away. Tile, slate and stone have still another advantage for pets that have problems with the summertime — because they stay cool and provide relief for your dog even the hottest days.

For a better dog friendly house, floors can be accented with small rugs that are easy to pick up and wash. Be sure to secure rugs using a non-mat or piece of furniture that is heavy — or pet activity will probably have them sprinkled round the house.

Even the “bare window” look — long favored by pet fans — can also be in fashion. Sheer drapes or simple colours have replaced long, heavy drapes which collect dust and pet hair.

Pets around the couch: Pet friendly living room furniture

They make altering the couch as simple as changing the bed, therefore Fido and Fluffy can curl up on the couch, worry-free. “Off the rack” loose-fit slip covers can be found in a wide variety of colors and layouts in washable fabrics like canvas, twill and denim. And companies ranging from Pottery Barn, IKEA and Ethan Allen offer custom-tailored slip covers for many of the bits that they sell.

Naturally, some pets prefer to groom in their own sofa beds and pet beds today are offered in great-looking designs and cloths that may coordinate with almost any décor. Your regional Best Friends Pet Resort carries a number of the most recent styles. Make sure you pick a dog mattress using a cover that zips off for washing.

If your dog’s mattress absolutely has to match the remaining decor, then one of those hot new oversize floor pillows covered in fabric which suits the throw pillows on your couch is a possibility. Obviously, these good interiors for pets might well not be of decent size in case you chance to share your home with a Mastiff or other large canine companion. Pet friendly kitchens are also helping women dog owners to enjoy cooking with their beloved pets.

Accessorize, accessorize

Even pet services and products today are being crafted with great design in mind. Why settle for ugly classic plastic bowls for food and water, when you can find amazing ceramic cat and dog bowls and cool stainless steel choices available? They are just like washable, and so are more attractive, compared to ones that are plastic.

For large dogs, there are wooden or wrought-iron feeders using hand-painted or tiled tops and matching bowls. And, instead of an old plastic place-mat, then select a specially-designed fabric mat that contrasts with your table sheets! In all good interiors and a dog friendly house for pets makes a lot of difference in the lives of pets as well as the life of owners.


Groom your pet

Groom your pet regularly: A sign of Responsible Pet Ownership

One important component of responsible pet ownership would be regular grooming. If you groom your pet regularly for healthy fur, skin, ears and nails you belong to the group of pet lovers who are dedicated to provide the animals the love they deserve. The importance of pet care lies in the

Grooming is more than simply appearance and which makes your dog nice to be close. Weekly maintenance is vital to keeping your pet’s skin and coat healthy and insect-free. In addition grooming time can also be quality time which strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

 Groom your pet with a routine grooming regimen:

Brush and comb at least weekly, more often for pets with long hair. For your dog’s comfort, use a conditioning and untangling spray before brushing. After systematically brushing though the jacket, work with a qualified steel-pinned comb to make certain the knots and shedding hair have been removed. Groom your pet with love and care it deserves so that it does not have to pay a price because of the owners negligence.

Look for signs of annoyance due to parasites. In most regions of the nation, ticks and fleas have become a year-round problem. If you stop your own parasite avoidance program because winter approaches, be particularly vigilant about checking pets. And don’t forget to begin again in the spring. A best ticks and fleas shampoo can work wonders if used regularly. Puppy grooming at home is not a difficult task only that you need to be careful while using products for various skin and fur problems.

Maintain resistance to allergies with routine shampooing. Pets are four-legged dust mops that pick anything up floating around in the surroundings. Groom your pet with the best shampoo that removes spores, dust, dander and dirt. Pick a pet shampoo in case you guess skin issues or parasites. Follow a conditioning rinse. Gently dry thoroughly, and then divide the hair by brushing and combing to speed drying to your skin. If you use a standard home hair dryer, bear in mind that it’s extremely easy to burn up your pet. Hold it well away from the skin and also use a cool setting.

Keep nails the proper length. Use a suitable nail-clipping tool specially designed for your pet, and take off a little at one time. Be prepared with a styptic product if you happen to do clip in the blood vessel. If your dog has dark nails, the quick is difficult to view and you also may want a professional do this chore for you personally.

Groom your pet with weekly cleaning. Ear care products can help maintain ear health. Massaging the ears softens wax and dirt, drifting it to the exterior ear, where you can wash it softly away with cotton. Learning how to bathe your dog like a groomer to have a brilliantly shinning pet that catches attention.

How to calm dog anxiety naturally

How to calm dog anxiety naturally?

Many dogs, many personalities. Did you know that dogs too have personalities just like humans? It’s not bad to have a shy dog, but it may not be exactly fruitful if a dog runs away from strangers instead of barking at them. So what should you do to take care of a shy and anxious dog? How to calm dog anxiety naturally?

Here are a few tips for calming dog anxiety naturally:


  1. How to calm dog anxiety naturallyDog Training: Training is an important part of any dog’s life. Considering this the question of how to calm dog anxiety naturally has an easy answer. Dog’s traits and habits can be changed with the right training. Don’t force your little buddy to learn everything too quickly though. Go with your dog’s pace and make sure your little friend learns everything. Steady and speedy wins the race!
  2. Shocks and surprises:  We are caught off guard when we find something scary, shocking or surprising. This might be an important part of shy dog training. Make your dog ready for surprises. If your furry friend is scared of strangers, invite your friendly peers to meet your dog and let your dog know that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Find out the things that trigger shy dog behavior and make sure that you help your little buddy get over that irrational fear.

How to calm dog anxiety naturally

  1. Don’t over-protect: It’s okay to be protective towards your shy little timid puppy. But fear behavior in dogs should not make you over protective to the extent that they never get over the fear. Make your pal bold and confident but don’t encourage its cowardice by comforting it when it’s scared. It will only reduce your dog’s ability to rise up to the challenge of facing unknown situations.


  1. Classical conditioning: Use classical conditioning to help your dog get over its troubles. If your little buddy is scared of other dogs, use treats every time your dog meets a new dog. This would minimize the apprehension your dog feels when it meets a new dog. Eventually the dog will lose the fear and start looking forward to the things it feared, expecting the treats.


  1. Be assertive but not aggressive: To help a shy and insecure dog you need to be bold, fearless and confident yourself. But make sure that you are not being aggressive with your little buddy because it would be rather counter-productive. What’s the use of training if your dog starts fearing you instead of being fearless?

  1. Getting rid of asocial behavior: How to calm dog anxiety naturally if it panics in social situations? How to train a confident puppy? Generally most dogs are friendly and social, but that doesn’t necessarily hold true for all dogs. Like humans, some dogs show the traits like being asocial and do not enjoy company of other dogs. This can be changed with habituation. Take your dog for outings and let it meet other dogs and humans. Make sure that your little buddy mingles well with them. Eventually your dog will start being more social and will stop being shy, anxious and anti-social.


  1. Professional help: A professional trainer will always be able to understand your dog’s traits and behavior in a better manner. Seek professional help of your dog continues to show anxiety and shyness in order to help your little buddy get over it.

Final words: 

Many dog owners are frustrated with the techniques they think might work to make their dog or timid puppy free of fear because most of the times they fail. How to calm dog anxiety naturally if the fear is deep rooted in the head of the dog and you see no clue. How to deal with a fearful dog in social situations? It is also how the owner deals with the situations and copes with the stress she faces because of the anxious dog. At the end a professional trainer can help you most out of your dog.

How to keep your dog happy and playful all the times

Getting a dog is not just for your own entertainment, it’s a huge responsibility too. A good dog owner takes care of his dog like his own child. It’s not enough to just feed the dog daily. Dogs are intelligent creatures that get bored and lethargic if they are not active enough. Did you know- inactivity in dogs can even lead to depression?

It is essential to always keep your dog happy and active. How can you keep your fur babies cheerful and occupied all the time in your busy routine? Here are some tips:


Your little buddy needs your attention. Don’t leave your dog alone in its shelter. Instead, when you are home, make sure to talk to your dog and keep it engaged in your daily activities and conversations. A dog can keep itself entertained even if it is allowed to watch its beloved owners. What would be more joyous for your furry friend than just watching you all the time and being in your company?

Exercise and other activities:

Your pets need at least an hour of daily exercise to keep them healthy and happy. While bigger breeds like Labradors, golden retrievers have tendencies to become obese if they are inactive; the smaller breeds need less amount of exercise to stay fit and active. Decide the amount of physical exercise based on your dog’s breed and current weight. Keep your dogs busy with games like fetch the ball, Frisbee or just take them out for a walk. Your furry friends enjoy swimming too. Just don’t take them to a public pool!



The biggest problem for working pet parents is keeping their dogs active when they are not around. How can you keep your dog active in your absence? The answer is: Toys! There are many toys available in market like balls, squeaky animals, Frisbees, chew toys which will amuse your furry friends and keep them from getting bored in their lone time.


Your little buddies are capable of learning a lot of tricks. Are you utilizing their capability to the fullest? While the ideal age to train your puppies is 6-12 months, elder dogs can be taught new tricks too. Don’t just teach your dog new tricks; take the follow-ups of these ticks later, too.



Find your dog a companion which will give it company all the time. A dog will never feel lonely in presence of the other dog. If you don’t have enough time to entertain your little buddy, the dogs will keep each other occupied with their plays. Two’s company!

adorable animal ball beautiful


Keeping your dog playful doesn’t mean loading it with tiresome activities 24×7. Give your little buddy proper sleep and relaxation time as well, to keep them healthy without draining their energy.

Golden Retriever puppy in a hammock

A good dog will be by your side till the end of its life. Are you concerned enough to keep it healthy and active till the end?


How to care your large breed dog ?

You could not resist the charms of a beautiful puppy and you took it immediately to your home, regardless of thinking of the size it could become after growing up. Or if the big guy you saw in the shelter captivated you and you adopted it without taking a minute this article is for you. We are going to help you with some tips if you want to pet a big breed dog.

Care your large breed dog

Consider the following things if you want to pet a big breed dog

It is always advisable that at the time of incorporating a furry into your home you must take into account a series of variables. Because as you know, dogs are not objects that you can get rid of if things do not work properly or as you thought they should work. Then, responsibility is the word that must be kept with care.

So if you want to share your days with a large breed dog, you should keep in mind that:

1. You will have a pet that, when it reaches its final size, will exceed, at a minimum, 20 kilograms of weight.

The expenses will be higher because the furry ones have more appetite, the accessories are also more expensive, the budget of the veterinarian will increase, etc. You will need to have space in your house so that both the animal and its human inhabitants can have some comfort. By having a larger size, it is possible that the movements of the dog, in some cases, are clumsier and cause greater damage. If you have it when it was a puppy, you should not neglect its socialization or education in basic rules of behavior. Training a grown up dog is a difficult task. Although a hairy dog can be a very good companion you will have to put in a lot of care and efforts to maintain one.  They include visiting the vet for regular checkups and using the products that promise good health like the best dog shampoo, etc

2. Feeding large size dogs

In relation to the feeding of a large breed dog, you should think if you can bear the expenses since you cannot starve the innocent animal. So consult the veterinarian on how to properly feed your big man at every stage of his life. Keep in mind that a puppy of these characteristics will quickly multiply its weight in its first months. Therefore, it is important that there are enough proteins and calcium in its diet, but not to make it overweight with unwanted calories to avoid bone and joint problems.

3. Need for walks and exercise for the hairy

Large breed dogs are usually very energetic animals. Many of them have backgrounds such as work dogs (grazing, rescue, tracking, assistance, etc.). So, keep in mind that you should invest enough time in walks and exercises and at the same time take advantage as your exercise too. You can also consider the option of enrolling your dog to some place where he learns to practice dog sport. It is also important that you have a large number of toys for your hairy .This will prevent it from destroying clothes, footwear, furniture or your garden plants while having merriment.

4. Responsibilities when bringing a dog into your life

In any case, regardless of the size of your dog, the idea is to pamper it and care it. That you are responsible for him and that if things are not as idyllic as you imagined. First arm yourself with patience to teach him how you want him to behave. Once again, when considering having a four-legged friend, think twice if you are willing to invest the time and money that will be demanded by your pet.

And if you want a big breed dog, remember that the amount of hours that you will have to invest in the walks, exercises and hygiene, will definitely have to be more. But if you are already willing to take on the responsibilities of having a pet, the love and company that the animal will give you will be unconditional.  Surely you will never regret it.